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Brahmi Millet Dosa (450g) , Cold Pressed Wheat Atta (450g) and Ragi Moong Dal Flour (450g)

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  • Say hello to the smartest trio in your pantry—THREE protein-rich flours that are so easy to digest. Made from high-quality millet grains & mung beans and seeds  - Smart Millet Dosa Mix, Smart Ragi Moong Daal Flour and Smart Whole Wheat Millet Atta  are always to serve your entire family with the essential nutrients they need.
  • When it’s Dessert O’ Clock, you'll be glad to see this pack of sweet flour sitting atop your kitchen shelf. It's not just regular flour— it's a flour blend enhanced with superfood ingredients that’s ever ready to make your kid’s favourite desserts, sugar-free.
  • Our Atta is made with FIVE high-benefit ingredients, this multigrain high protein flour is gradually water milled to retain all its natural nutritional goodness, bringing out the perfect mix of taste and nourishment for you and your family.

  • This Dosa blend is a smart mix of NINE powerful ingredients (including Brahmi powder and roasted Flaxseeds) dedicated to enhancing the taste and nutritional quality of the Dosas you and your family will enjoy.
  • Rich in protein, fibre & complex carbohydrates
  • The Smart Whole Wheat Millet Atta is high on calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D
  • No preservatives or additives
  • All three products perfectly compliment each other
  • Covers all flour based products that a family consumes : Rotis, parathas, dosas, pancakes, waffles and cakes !
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Feel free to add Sweeteners or flavoured toppings of your choice. We recommend mashed bananas if you want to maintain a sugar-free diet for yourself and the kids.
4 - 5 months. It can be more but the vegetable powders tend to lose aroma and taste so best to keep buying fresh.
No, it should not. We advise you to always store in a cool dry place or keep it refrigerated.
Smart Ragi Moong Dal Flour is a gluten-free mix of millets, daal, seeds & nuts, mainly used for cooking desserts, pancakes, and waffles. The Smart Whole Wheat Millet Atta is ideal for Rotis & paranthas. Whereas the Smart Brahmi Millet Dosa Mix is perfect for crispy and fluffy uthappams.
Yes, of course!
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