Chocolate Pancakes & Waffles

Ragi Flour(150 g) & Chocolia (225 g)

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  • Enhanced with NINE superfood ingredients, our highly versatile Ragi Moong dal Flour blend is the perfect pancakes and waffles flour.  It saves you the stress of having to add nutrition in any form to your child’s breakfast. 
  • Our preservative free silky smooth Chocolita easily provides protein, iron and vitamins to your breakfast. Smear a spoonful of it on your child's pancakes and you've got a nutrient dense breakfast that keeps your child fueled for hours.
  • Rich in magnesium, calcium fibre & complex carbohydrates
  • Keeps you fueled through the day
  • No chemical preservatives
  • Both products are processed sugar-free,Gluten Free and 100% clean
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Feel free to add Sweeteners or flavoured toppings of your choice. We recommend mashed bananas if you want to maintain a sugar-free diet for yourself and the kids.
6 - 9months. It can be more but the vegetable powders tend to lose aroma and taste so best to keep buying fresh.
The shelf life is 6 months. You can keep it ambient but if you don't open or regularly use the jar, the oil will separate which is a sign that we’ve added nothing beyond the said ingredients, especially to give it a standard creamy consistency
This is a very healthy gluten free mix of millets, daal, seeds & nuts. Most regular flour is simple and you have to add a lot to increase the nutrition.
1 jar of the Chocolita (225g) and one pack of the Ragi Moong Dal Flour (150 grams)
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