Moringa & Amchur Spice Blend

Nutrient dense mix of finely powdered Moringa, Amchur & organic spices

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  • Every teaspoon of our superlative spice blend carries a plethora of super nutrients with enchanting bursts of flavors, set to compete for the delight of your baby's taste buds.
  • The sweet-sour, citrusy feel of amchur and other spices transforms the earthy taste of moringa without altering its effect as a superfood.
  • The resulting mix dares to instantly optimize your child’s physiological functions when added to any meal.
  • Boosts Immunity in toddlers
  • Rich in commonly deficient child nutrients like iron & amino acids
  • Free of choking hazards & toxins
  • Easy to sprinkle on any and every food
  • No Salt or Sugar
  • Gluten Free & Dairy free
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Key Ingredients

Maximise nutrition; minimise your effort in the kitchen with this in house blend

The perfect add on for…

What’s Smart about this product


5X the nutrition of any dish with just a few sprinkles of this superfood mix!

  • Steamed Vegetables
    Steamed Vegetables

    We love steamed or roasted vegetables and so do the little ones! But they can become repetitive. Add some fun by steaming/sautéing with this spice blend.Serve with a bowl of Dahi.

  • Classic Khichdi
    Classic Khichdi

    Spice up your toddler’s khichdi with our Moringa Spice blend, no need to add anything else to flavour.

  • Palak Dal
    Palak Dal

    Chana Dal with sauteed spinach is a super tasty & nutritious meal (in itself). Make your tadka with this spice blend or add it to the daal when you cook it. It merges well with the green of the spinach and adds a lovely flavour.

  • Boiled Eggs
    Boiled Eggs

    This spice blend is always a healthier alternative to salt. Don't want to use salt for your little one's boiled egg? Saute it in FS A2 Ghee and Moringa Amchur blend. It softens the egg and adds the much needed excitement to their taste buds.

We’ve Got Answers to Your Questions!

No! The Moringa & Amchur Spice Blend is well powdered to its finest form like all our other spices. Once cooked, they add taste, aroma, and a colorful green.
Oh yes! Moringa contains iron, which is essential for a nursing mother. You can cook your and your baby's food once they have started solids.
Our bags have a ziplock to store freshness, keep that zipped always, and use a dry spoon whenever you want to use this product. You can also transfer into an airtight container and keep in the fridge for extra precautions.
Your decision depends on what supplement you want to replace with our spice blend. Since this is a superfood blend, the effects you get are relative to your amount of consumption — which may be lower or higher than what your supplement gives you.For kids, it's best to derive nutrients from natural food sources like Moringa which is a powerhouse of nutrients and antioxidants with SEVEN times more Vitamin C than oranges and almost 15 times more potassium than bananas. So, make this Moringa Spice Powder for kids a staple for the entire family!
Sprinkle, then taste, and sprinkle more if you want! No specified amount here. Taste it and decide how much is enough.
Our moringa trees are grown in the high-nutrient soils of Uttarakhand, sourced freshly from indigenous farmers, and finely ground to powder form.The ingredients in this blend are organic, all-natural, and stored in ways to keep the nutrition held together.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Healthy tasty mix!

It's my basic ingredient for my dals and curries!

Healthy spice mix

I have used this spice blend in my healthy veggies and it turned out so yum. Didn’t feel like to add any mayo or chilli flakes or oregano to enhance it’s taste. Moringa Amchur spice blend is itself a complete package

Reema Mistry
Perfect combination of taste & healthy content

Great taste!
No need to buy moringa powder and amchur powder separately, it's all available in one pack with goodness of other spices!

Chanchal Singh
about nutrition facts

as we know that moringa is a good source of calcium then why it is missing in nutrition facts mentioned on the product.

Apart from this rest is good my boy likes its so much.

Must try product

Moringa powder is very nutritious for kids and I am happy with this product. I sprinkle it over the meal and ensure to boost immunity of my child.