Power Packed Seeds

5 high protein seeds roasted and finely powdered

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  • These super seeds are a powerhouse of more than 23 vitamins and nutrients. Combined, they nourish every part of your toddler’s body, right from their first solid food. 
  • Every time you sprinkle this finely grounded seeds  powder in your toddler's meal, just like magic beans, they’ll provide 5x the nutritional value of that meal.
  • These are taste agnostic giving you 32g of protein in just 2 teaspoons!
  • High-fat ingredients
  • Rich in omega fatty acids
  • Rich in commonly deficient child nutrients like zinc
  • Free of choking hazards & toxins
  • Easy to sprinkle on any and every food
  • Nut free, sugar-free, Gluten Free & Dairy-free
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Key Ingredients

A combination of high protein seeds that support heart health and daily dose of essential nutrients.

The perfect add on for…

What’s Smart about this product


More than 23 vitamins and nutrients in every sprinkle – immunity booster food for the full family!

  • Mango Milkshake
    Mango Milkshake

    Blend together some fresh mangoes, yogurt, and power-packed seeds for the perfect mango milkshake!

  • Mashed Potatoes
    Mashed Potatoes

    Add that extra layer of nutrition to a classic dish of mashed potatoes. Boil, peel, and mash potatoes. Then cook in ghee, milk, malai & power-packed seeds.

  • Overnight Oats
    Overnight Oats

    Soak rolled oats overnight and drain out the water in the morning. Add a spoon of Smart chocolate fudge, peanut butter and sprinkle Power Packed Seeds on top. Mix well and serve with cut fruit like mangoes or strawberries.

  • Fruits dusted with Power Packed Seeds
    Fruits dusted with Power Packed Seeds

    Power packed seeds are a great supplement to your little one’s favourite fruit. Rolling a sliced avocado or banana in this seed powder, increases nutrition and makes it less slippery to hold. Or simply mash the fruit and add this seed mix to it.

We’ve Got Answers to Your Questions!

No, they are ground super finely so will easily become part of the dish you serve with. They might thicken some products that you cook this with (if you choose to) like pasta sauce but mostly their presence will not be felt.
As soon as they start eating solids! It's the best part. These are first food-friendly. You can even sprinkle it on the food for the rest of the family because this is ultimately a high protein super food.
Seal the bag properly once you open it and store it in a cool dry location. To be extra cautious (especially if it’s really hot and humid) keep them refrigerated once opened.
Chances are rare but not impossible. Follow the allergy introducing rule, i.e. introduce singularly or with a non-allergic product such as vegetables. Wait for 48 hours for any reactions before introducing any other allergen or reserving from introducing this item again. Feed your child in the morning so that just in case he does react you have time to go to the hospital.
That’s up to you, but if you are cooking with it can increase the density of your food so keep that in mind. We suggest a small spoonful of our Healthy Power Packed Seed powder for a meal. .
Send your questions about this product to hello@feedsmart.in, and we'll respond as soon as possible.

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Customer Reviews

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Wonder food

The best seeds powder ever. Tastes neutral and definitely helps in healthy weight gain in kids .. thank you for the amazing product ❤️

Easiest way to up your nutrition game

Motherhood comes with a lot of responsibilities. And the most important of all is ensuring your child is getting nutritionally balanced meals. With lots of mood swings and other growth related stuff happening, kids tend to skip most of their main meals and enjoy snacking more. This is why i invariably add the Feed Smart Power Packed Seeds powder in almost everything that goes oh his plate, so that whatever quantity my son eats, i am satisfied in terms of his nutritional intake. 😊 And Since then, there has been no looking back!!!

Love this product

What a nutritious blend of multiple seeds to sprinkle on your smoothies, salads, fruits or anything else. I loved this product!

Reema Mistry
Healthy mix

A much needed power packed seed mix. I usually use to make nuts and seeds powder at home, but with feed smart really do not have to do that. Same taste, texture and quality as home made mix!

Shikha Nayan
Best one

This is another product I tried from this brand hai wow it’s so amazing i use it to increase nutrition value of any food like roti paratha dosa anything. Totally recommend it