The Healthiest Ketchup (Jain)

Super healthy Jain ketchup made of 80% farm fresh vegetables & jaggery (no onion, no garlic)

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  • Add that extra bit of excitement to your family’s love for sandwiches, samosas, and pakoras, with high-quality nutrients from the healthiest ketchup you can find.

  • Made from farm-fresh, red-ripe tomatoes and pure vitamin-rich jaggery, our kid-friendly ketchup sauce is an immediate fam favourite. Kids love the extra-rich taste of its naturally sweet flavour, while parents enjoy the additional nourishment it provides during snack time.

  • Our farm-fresh family delight also has a smooth and thick texture that makes it the perfect dipping sauce for parathas, fries, etc.
  • Specially curated recipe without onion and garlic, where we’ve added special herbs to give it the same body and texture as our classic Healthiest Ketchup.
  • 9 months shelf life
  • Strengthens bones with calcium
  • Enables great vision
  • Free of Preservatives
  • Travel-friendly size
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Key Ingredients

Immunity booster, 100% clean and healthy tomato ketchup for the entire family!

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We’ve Got Answers to Your Questions!

No, it is not spicy - just a sweet tangy ketchupy taste!
Yes after opening the packet. Because our tomato ketchup has no chemicals or preservatives, it needs to be refrigerated and consumed within 45 days.
It’s different – both have their own taste profiles and benefits.
An open packet (which is refrigerated) should be consumed within 45 days of opening.
We use jaggery, and it is around 4 %, making this a healthy ketchup for kids and the rest of the family too!
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Very healthy yummy sauce

This is my second order of Tomato Jain sauce my kid is loving it 🥰 I'm so relaxed now