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Power Packed Seeds (100g), Moringa Amchur Spice Blend (100g), Brahmi Millet Dosa (150g), The healthiest ketchup (225g) & Chocolita (225g)

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  • This is your first step toward feeding smart as a family! Trial packs of our hottest selling products.
  • Replace your everyday Ketchup with the Healthiest Ketchup and your chocolate spread with Chocolita. Amp up the protein of every meal with our seeds powder and add the Moringa Amchur Blend to your spice box. You will be sure to thank us later !
  • With this combo you don’t need to think much about what to buy! Sample all our products and come back for family packs 

  • Our seeds powder has 32g of protein in just 2 teaspoons and the Moringa Amchur Spice Blend is packed with antioxidants.
  • Rich in protein, fibre & complex carbohydrates
  • 100% Clean - No preservatives or additives
  • All five products perfectly compliment each other
  • Can be consumed by everyone in the family
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We have used jaggery for the ketchup and coconut sugar for chocolita. These are all raw and unprocessed.
Unopened it is 9 months - 1 year and once opened please consume within 45 days and keep it refrigerated.
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Yes all products are Gluten Free
Yes, of course!
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