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Chocolita(30ml, Qty-3) + Chocolate & Date Jam(30ml, Qty-3) + PPS(25g, Qty-1) + Moringa(25g, Qty-1)

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  • Chocolita - Loaded with protein, good fats and other nutrients such as magnesium, this chocolate spread is gluten free, 100% clean and perfect to dollop over anything and everything!
  • Chocolate & Date Jam - If you're always on the hunt for a clean, vegan jam to make mornings more efficient, go no further! Our yummy Chocolate & Date Jam tastes like happy moments. 
  • Power Packed Seeds - These super seeds are a powerhouse of more than 23 vitamins and nutrients. Combined, they nourish every part of your toddler’s body, right from their first solid food.

  • Moringa & Amchur Spice Blend - Every teaspoon of our superlative spice blend carries a plethora of super nutrients with enchanting bursts of flavors, set to compete for the delight of your baby's taste buds.
  • Mood-boosting nutrients for healthy smiles
  • 6-9 months shelf life
  • Healthy fats, protein & fiber
  • Sugar-free & Gluten Free
  • 100% clean products - no preservatives or additives
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The shelf life of our Sugar Free healthy Chocolate spread is 6 months. You can keep it ambient but if you don't open or regularly use the jar, the oil will separate which is a sign that we’ve added nothing beyond the said ingredients, especially to give it a standard creamy consistency.
Yes, after opening the packet. Since this healthy tomato ketchup has no chemicals or preservatives, it needs to be refrigerated.
We use jaggery, and it is around 4 %.
Yes, it might. Since we’ve added nothing to keep it the exact same over a long period of time, it will start to lose some hazelnut aroma after 3 months or so. It will still taste as good but you might notice a dip in smells.
1 jar of our 225g Chocolita and 1 packet of our Ketchup (225g)
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