How do you know your child is ready for solids?

Are you ready to introduce solid food to your baby? Generally, physicians recommend starting solids between the age of four and six months, but it completely depends on the growth rate of the baby. You should not rush your baby to start eating solid foods. Let your baby dictate when he/she is ready for solids. It is common for babies to experience growth spurts between the ages of three and four months, during which they need to eat almost constantly. Taking care of your baby's nutrition is one of the most important considerations that you must keep in mind as a parent, both during his first months of life and then when he is ready for solid foods.

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Your baby may be ready to begin solid food when several of the following things occur:

  •  A baby's readiness for solids depends on both his or her digestive tract maturity and his or her developmental readiness for solids. While we cannot observe a baby's digestive maturity, research suggests 6 months is the optimal age to introduce solids to avoid increased illness and other health risks.
  • A child should be ready to eat food when they can sit up by themselves without your assistance. If they cannot, it might still be too soon to start as they might choke on their own food.
  • If your baby attempts to chew or can move food to the back of their mouth and swallow, you should then try to give them solid foods to see if they will eat them.
  • Is your baby eyeing your meals and trying to grab food as you move it from your plate to your mouth? If yes you should try feeding him some solid foods.
  • Have good coordination. Your little one should be able to look at food, pick it up, and put it in their mouth, all by themselves.
  • If they stop pushing everything out with their tongue due to their extrusion reflex, that's a sign they might be ready for solid foods.

Your child is likely ready if they behave like 2-3 of the above. Take a chance and see how they react, you never know, they may be more capable than you think.

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