Feeding Smart is simple but not easy and we are here to make this journey easy for you!

Our Brand Values

Here's how we stand out from the others:

Nutritionally  Efficient

To become a parent you must be efficient, in every aspect of your life. Once we have children, nutrition is an everyday negotiation – so we need to be smart and make sure we give a little and win a little. We want nutrition as the first priority and our kids want taste. That’s where feeding smart comes in! 

Our brand pillar of  Nutritionally Efficient reflects our commitment to creating products that are intelligent, innovative and uncomplicated. From easy-to-use blends to the ideal replacement for processed condiments, we are always looking for ways to make it easier for busy families to incorporate superfoods into their diets. 

Daily Deliciousness:

Our brand pillar of Daily Deliciousness reflects our unwavering dedication to creating delicious and flavorful products that are packed with nutrition with a core purpose of being used daily. From the first bite to the last, our products are sure to tantalize your child’s taste buds, making nutritious eating a daily habit! 

Founded by Two Mothers:

This is the seal of trust. We only create products that we are proud to feed our children. We connect with you as a parent and know exactly what your everyday life feels like! So trust us to make your journey easier as you choose to feed smart!

100% Transparent:

At Feed Smart, we believe in 100% transparency about what goes into our products. Flip any of our products and get all the ingredients with their percentage fully disclosed!

We're committed to sourcing only the finest quality ingredients, and we work closely with our trusted network of farmers and suppliers to ensure that every step of our supply chain is transparent. From farm to table, you can be sure that our products are authentic and ethically produced, so you can feel good about what you're feeding yourself and your family.

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Our Mission

By 2030, every 1 in 3 meals consumed by a child (home or school) is  made of a Feed Smart product.

Our Vision

Make feeding smart easy and efficient !

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