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Brahmi Millet Dosa (150g) & The Healthiest Ketchup (225g)

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  • Tangy ketchup and crispy dosa is an absolute favourite for most kids. Enhance your child’s breakfast with these two highly nutritious products.
  • This Dosa mix is instant and a smart mix of NINE powerful ingredients including Brahmi that  boost brain and memory development.

  • Made from farm-fresh, red-ripe tomatoes and pure vitamin-rich jaggery, our kid-friendly ketchup sauce is an immediate fam favourite. Kids love the extra-rich taste of its naturally sweet flavour, while parents enjoy the additional nourishment it provides during snack time..
  • Memory booster
  • 9 months shelf life
  • Healthy fats & fiber
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • 100% clean products - no preservatives or additives
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We’ve Got Answers to Your Questions!

Liquid batters have a limited shelf life and are generally only rice or rava based. Our Brahmi Millet Dosa Mix is made with millets, seeds and ayurvedic spices.
Yes, after opening the packet. Our tomato ketchup has no chemicals or preservatives thus it needs to be refrigerated.
We use jaggery, and it is around 4 %.
You can add some rava and make idlis.
You get one pack of Brahmi Millet Dosa Mix Batter 500g as well as 1 packet of our Ketchup (250g)
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Amazing texture

This dosa mix is just amazing and the ketchup combo is even better especially for kids! My kids love it want it everyday !

Spoorthy Nadgir

Healthy n nutritious dosa with ketchup daughter loves ketchup more ..thank you feed smart for this healthy n nutritious food