Creamy dreamy high protein chocolate milk spread

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  • Why settle for any ordinary preservative filled chocolate milk spread, when you can gorge on Chocolita? Brimming with the goodness of natural butters including peanut and hazelnut, this chocolate spread will become the perfect mealtime companion for the entire family.
  • Let your little one spoon out the healthy chocolate spread, whenever they want, because it really is healthy – no white sugar, no preservatives and no artificial colours or flavours in our bottles of pure goodness! We use coconut sugar, natural emulsifiers like sunflower lecithin and whey protein to give it that perfect spreadable nature!
  • Loaded with protein, good fats and other nutrients such as magnesium, this chocolate spread is gluten free, 100% clean and perfect to dollop over anything and everything!
  • 100% clean – no preservatives, no additives, no artificial ingredients
  • Zero white sugar – sweetened with coconut sugar
  • High in protein, calcium, iron and magnesium
  • Can be used for cooking, baking or enjoyed as it is
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Key Ingredients

A dollop full of iron and healthy fats for every person at the table.

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The shelf life of our NO palm oil chocolate spread is 6 months. You can keep it ambient but if you don't open or regularly use the jar, the oil will separate which is a sign that we’ve added nothing beyond the said ingredients, especially to give it a standard Nutella consistency.
Nope, it’s cooked but not baked.
Anything and everything! Smeared on toast or parathas, make a yummy chocolate cake with it or even a spoon of this healthy Chocolate Milk Spread will work a treat! This sugar free super food is super versatile.
The fudge is thicker and has a strong taste of dates plus it's vegan. The Chocolita is a milk chocolate spread which has coconut sugar. Its best for older kids and adults who are looking for something sweet but without sugar and chemicals.
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Customer Reviews

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swati waghmode
Review of chocolita

I don't expected such wonderful taste. It tastes awesome plus it's nutritious. Gluten free, no preservative and many more health benefits. Trust me it's worth my child absolutely loves it. Please do try u will never regret

Dilshad Dilawar


Harietha S
Review of Chocolita & Fudge

Too good a spread for making your morning easy amidst busy or lazy days… tempting for adults too & no worries of processed sugars/unknown ingredients while serving to child!!!

Evangeline John
Wonderful choco spread

I never expected the taste would be so wonderful. My girl and we both love it. We have stopped using nutella post this choco spread

Kamlesh Malkani

It is a perfect combination of taste and nutrients for children. I bought it around 15 days back for my daughter and she just loved it . It’s almost going to be over soon.