Brahmi Millet Dosa Mix

Insant dosa mix made with Millets, Brahmi & Flaxseeds. Super nutritous for the entire family.

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  • Whether it’s breakfast time or dinner time, your family’s favourite dosas is just one easy-to-make batter away. Find your way to the kitchen, combine this fine blend of flours & grains with water and you’ll have the perfect batter within minutes.

  • This Dosa blend is a smart mix of NINE powerful ingredients (including Brahmi powder and roasted Flaxseeds) dedicated to enhancing the taste and nutritional quality of the Dosas you and your family will enjoy.

  • The batter is typically ready within minutes of preparation but you may choose to let it ferment to get that tangy taste.
  • High Fibre
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Improves brain functions
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Rich in antioxidants
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Key Ingredients

Each of these ingredients are freshly sourced and grounded in Uttarakhand. Rich in Protein, Iron, Amino acids & Immunity boosters

What’s Smart about this product

We’ve Got Answers to Your Questions!

You can add some rava and make idlis.
No, none whatsoever. Sugar is what is naturally present in the ingredients.
The shelf life is 9 months.
Liquid batters have a limited shelf life and are generally only rice or rava based. This is made with millets, seeds and ayurvedic spices.
Yes for sure!
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Customer Reviews

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swati waghmode
In love with dosa mix

Best dosa batter till date. Packed with numerous superrich contents. Now my child demands it everyday in morning. Instead of normal batter I urge you to please try this super nutritious batter.

Best Dosa

I am on my third packet in the last two months. It's just the best dosa mix I have tried till date.

My Everyday Staple!

This dosa is literally made every day in my home! It's that good!

Love this Dosa Mix!

The taste is sooooo good and it was a surprise because usually millet dosas don't taste great but this one is quite an exception!

Reema Mistry
Healthy and nutritious

A perfect mix of nutritious and tasty food. I tried making dosas and tasted great with all the spices and goodness of millets. Looking forward buying more products.