Summer Essentials for Toddler Moms

Summer Essentials for Toddler Moms

Being a toddler mom is like juggling - work, family, and that cute little munchkin (we know they’re the king/queen of the family, but it's overwhelming to manage it all). As a new mom, you’re not ready to handle sleep problems, postpartum blues, adjusting to a new routine, juggling work and motherhood, money stress, dealing with a crying baby, feeling alone, no time for self-care, and dealing with judgment and criticism...the list goes on. And you know what’s the toughest of all? Making sure they’re well fed. You keep trying to feed them, but they always make a grumpy face, throw tantrums, and refuse to eat. On top of that, this sizzling summer will make it even harder to keep everyone cool and well-fed. 

First off, they never want to eat healthy food and always cry for those greasy, fried, junk snacks, which are the unhealthiest during summer. 

 When their little tummies are full of junk, there’s no space for healthy food. Therefore, they not only experience nutritional deficiencies but also unhealthy weight gain, childhood obesity, diabetes, joint pain etc. Trying to handle meals, breastfeeding, and everything in a scorching summer is tough. But you can totally tackle it with some must-have summer essentials we’re going to share right now. 

        1. Have Some Quick Snacks in the Pantry

As we have already seen, greasy and sugary cereals, candy, chips, soda, fast food, processed snacks, and sugary juices in children’s diets are a leading cause of various severe health problems. Plus, it’s a real struggle to get them to eat those green veggies all the time. Research says toddlers should munch on two or three healthy snacks each day. But you know why families and kids are eating so much junk food? Because of parents’ busy lifestyles and hectic schedules. These 2 are the biggest reasons for parents to opt for quickly accessible, pre-packaged junk foods.  

To sort this out, hand them some Feed Smart Chocolita Pops

No one is more fascinated by a lollipop than kids! But what’s available in the market is pure sugar and artificial colours. When he/she cries for snacks, pass them this pop. Available in 4 delicious flavours; Creamy Peanut Butter, Rice Krispies, Plain Chocolita, and Nutty Gritty. Enriched with protein, calcium and magnesium taking care of his health at the backend while tantalising his taste first. 

Carry it around and hand it over whenever he gets all teary-eyed. Seeing him enjoy the lollipop will make you smile, we guarantee.

        2. Fruits Salad

Give them healthier alternatives like watermelon, mango, banana, musk melon, summer fruit juices, mangoes, and mango shake, banana shake instead of sweet drinks and snacks. This hot weather demands fruit salads and juices, which are easy to prepare, easy to digest, and packed with nutrients and most importantly yumi-licious.

      3. Instant Breakfast Mixes

You’re a super mom and we really value that. But mornings can be hectic. So to ease your life, stock up on this convenient, healthy option like Feed Smart’s Brahmi Millet Dosa Mix. Loaded with superfoods like buckwheat, urad daal, and brahmi. Just add water to it and voila your breakfast is ready within minutes. Dosa comes out to be very crispy and delicious. What else do mums want when your little munchkin is both filled and fueled for the day? 

Moreover,  you can make idlis by just adding some rava to this mix. You won’t be bored with all the delicious choices you can make in minutes.

We swear he won’t wake you up in the middle of the night crying for some snacks after eating this nutritious filling meal. 

      4. Easy Breezy Loungewear

As we said earlier, sleep deprivation is the biggest problem for moms of toddlers. Besides chasing them all day, they just won’t sleep at night. Out of nowhere, they wake up and start crying, ruining your peaceful sleep too. So to make you sleep better, check out Clovia’s comfy and stylish maternity nighty. As a new mom,  you never have time to touch up and glam yourself, but not anymore. You can look stylish while sleeping too! 

     5. Comfy Maternity Nighty for Sweet & Deep Sleep

Look at this maternity nighty from Clovia with pockets on both sides, so cool and convenient, isn't it? Ever imagined nighty with pockets? Carry your baby's essentials and save yourself the hassle of constantly searching for your baby’s things around the house. Not only that but this maternity night is designed with concealed feeding access for you to easily feed him while slaying in style. Get your hands on this but this is just the trailer, Clovia has maternity nightwear in soothing shades and happy prints waiting for you to check out. 

Apart from sleep, taking care of your physical, emotional and mental health is super important postpartum. Women after having a baby go through a lot, hence take care of your body, mind and soul. Make sure to stay hydrated, keep up with your skincare routine, stay active, and eat well. And follow these tips from real moms and make your life easier.

At last,  don’t forget to make the most of this summer by going out to the pool, splashing around, having a picnic in the park, or building sandcastles on the beach.

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