Ragi Moong Dal Flour

Gluten Free protein rich flour made of millets and moong dal.

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  • This is not just a regular flour— it's a gluten free, smart blend enhanced with superfood ingredients and is ever ready to make your family's favourite meals ! 
  • Created to be the smartest member of your pantry, this protein-rich flour blends well with all your favourite recipes. Be it smooth cheelas, fluffy pancakes, cookies or muffins -- this is a pantry staple you must have.
  • Our easy-to-digest blend of millet grains & mung beans will provide your little one with the essential nutrients needed during toddlerhood.
  • 4G of protein and 3.5G of fibre per portion
  • 2.5 MG of Iron and less that 2 G of fat per portion
  • Flaxseeds are a great source of all Omega Fatty Acids
  • Amaranth give you all the essential Vitamin Bs
  • Sugar-free, Gluten Free & Dairy-free
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Key Ingredients

Your family’s daily dose of proteins, iron and fiber becomes easy with this healthy flour – vegan, gut friendly and filled to the brim with superfoods!

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What’s Smart about this product


A Sugar-free, Gluten Free & Dairy-free vegan food product for the complete family.

  • Pancakes & Crepes
    Pancakes & Crepes

    Whisk a batter with Dahi, Smart Moong Dal Ragi Flour & mashed bananas, let it stay for 5-7 mins. Make a thinner batter for crepes. Heat a well-seasoned pan, add some FS A2 Ghee and sizzle away pancakes & crepes. Add a spoon of our Chocolate fudge and watch your child whip yummy this yummy breakfast.

  • Muffins

    Mix 2 tbsp of Smart Moong Dal Ragi Flour with 1 egg or 1 tbsp of dahi, 2 tbsp mashed banana or apple, 1 tbsp sweetener, 1 tbsp butter and whisk well. Pour in a cupcake mould and bake in an oven for 6 -10 minutes in a high, preheated setting.

  • Halwa

    Take 1 tbsp of Smart Moong Dal Ragi Flour mix, 1 tbsp FS A2 ghee in a pan, and roast it on a slow flame for 2-3 minutes. Add 2 tsp of sugar of choice, 1/4th cup of water or milk, and whisk quickly to bring it all together. Serve immediately.

  • Sweet Gugule
    Sweet Gugule

    Mix 2 tbsp of flour mix with 3-4 tbsp dahi, 1 tbsp sweetener of choice, 1 pinch soda bicarbonate and whisk well. Let it rest for 5 minutes, heat 2-3 tbsp FS A2 Ghee in a small pan and fry bite sized fritters with the mix. Serve hot; this is a great replacement for donuts.

We’ve Got Answers to Your Questions!

Sure! Feel free to add Sweeteners or flavoured toppings of your choice. We recommend mashed bananas if you want to maintain a sugar-free diet for your toddler. For adults, you could consider jaggery, coconut sugar or even dates.
4 - 5 months. It can be more but the vegetable powders tend to lose aroma and taste so best to keep buying fresh.
No, it should not. We advise you to always store this vegan diet product in a cool dry place or keep it refrigerated.
This is a very healthy mix of millets, daal, seeds & nuts. Most regular flour is simple and you have to add a lot to increase the nutrition.
Yes, of course! You can use this Smart Moong Dal Ragi Flour for all kinds of desserts.
Send your questions about this product to hello@feedsmart.in, and we'll respond as soon as possible.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Super healthy yummy items for toddler

Super nice packaging!! My toddler really enjoyed the smart bars.. that's a great thing because she is picky. I used the sweet flour to make pancakes this morning and she loved them too
Thank you for the effort in sending the parcel to me in Dubai. Will order more once it's all over.

Simran kamra
Found this super healthy& tasty

i made pancakes from this & They turned out so gud. also added some flour in make chilla served with feed smart sauce. loved it.

Shweta Bansal
On my shopping tab

We recently used the smart four to make muffins for my little girl and she absolutely loved it. It was a good replacement for the one available in market which she was fond of. And since there is no added sugar and with superfoods as ingredients-it has been our favourite evening or early morning craving option.

Perfect Pantry Staple

Hello, i recently bought this product and made pancakes for my daughter. She LOVED them. Had to add some honey to sweeten it up and served it with some fruits on the side. They were soft, fluffy and fabulous taste.