Cold Pressed Wheat Millet Atta

A superfood mix that needs to become your pantry staple!

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  • Let your family experience the yummy delight of soft Parathas, muffins, and pizzas that are rich in the immense nutritional value of this Whole Wheat Flour—yes, the whole thing!
  • Made with 5 high-benefit ingredients, this multigrain high protein flour is gradually water milled to retain all its natural nutritional goodness; bringing out the perfect mix of taste and nourishment, for your family's satisfaction.
  • Our Cold pressed Atta is super versatile, so you can introduce your family's essential nutrients, through exciting meals they WILL love, like pizzas, rotis and parathas.
  • Rich in calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D
  • Infused with superfoods - Kale & Millets
  • 4 G of protein and 3.5 G of fibre per serve
  • Made of 100% whole wheat and millets
  • Gut Cleanser
  • Cold Pressed Wheat - maintains all it's nutrition!
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Key Ingredients

A whole wheat millet atta that is vegan and can provide the entire family with its daily dose of essential minerals and immunity!

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What’s Smart about this product


The smart whole wheat millet atta for the full family for the daily dose of protein, iron and fiber.

  • Pizza Bases
    Pizza Bases

    Mix a cup (350g) of Smart Whole Wheat Millet Atta with 3g of instant dry yeast.
    Add sugar, salt, 1 tbsp of lemon juice, 1.5 cups of water, and tbsp of Olive Oil. Knead the dough well & add water if required.
    Cover the dough & let it rise for 45 mins at ambient temperature.
    The texture should be stringy with some air pockets and your pizza base is ready to roll out!

  • Crackers

    Mix The Smart Whole Wheat Millet Atta and water in a 2:1 ratio & add some Power-Packed Seeds. Knead well, roll out thinly, brush with ghee and bake for 3-4 minutes or till crisp.

  • Parathas

    Who can say no to yummy parathas at home? Make your dough with our Smart Whole Wheat Millet Atta and vegetables. Now, layer it with FS A2 Ghee for that extra taste and nutrition.

  • Baigan Bharta
    Baigan Bharta

    All kids love Baingan Bharta. It's soft, slimy, easy to chew & tasty. Drizzle your bharta with FS A2 ghee and serve with Rotis made from our Smart Whole Wheat Millet Atta.

We’ve Got Answers to Your Questions!

8 months onwards is a comfortable time to start soft Rotis and parathas and we would suggest that as the ideal time to start using this high protein flour for babies. By then they have a basic understanding of what food is and the concept of chewing.
No, none whatsoever. Sugar is what is naturally present in the ingredients. This is a true sugar free food!
Yes. The grains are slowly grounded in a water mill to retain every nutrient essential to your little one’s nourishment (vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, and fiber).
Yes, especially like ours which has millets. As a matter of fact, this high protein super food is perfect for the entire family, including the elderly.
Yes very easily. But don’t be disheartened if they don’t. Keep trying, sometimes they take longer to start eating Rotis and Parathas and prefer rice.
Not necessarily. Unless your child has shown symptoms of gluten or wheat allergies; wheat is an important part of our diet so it's better to get the right source than to avoid it.
Send your questions about this product to, and we'll respond as soon as possible.

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Customer Reviews

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Best for 8months+ babies

I have started giving roti to my 8months daughter and all thanks to feed smart for introducing healthy atta for babies also. Now I’m not worried because roti made from this atta is healthiest

Yummy Parathas

We love soft delicious parathas made with this aata. The mix of millets is superb and the taste is ultimate :)

Juhi Sharma
Soft and healthy rotis

This atta is our family’s favourite. The blend is healthy and tastes yummy with any veggies. Even stuffed parathas are good made by this atta.

Mitali Karan Sahani
Love the profile of ingredients

This blend is literally something I would always have wanted to get into my family’s nutrition, but it’s too much effort to really do it yourself, so thank you Feedsmart for the making this Power packed blend getting our kids clean nutrition in every bite

Healthy food for kids

The atta is so good and healthy. My toddler loves the chapati made from this atta and unlike other atta, it came perfectly soft chapati.

Thank you feed smart for such smart choices for our kids.