The Family That Eats Together!

They say that a family that eats together, stays together, but at Feed Smart, we think a little differently – we believe that the family meal time is the best time to create and nurture healthy eating habits. Many a times, parents are of the opinion that the food prepared for the kids needs to be different from what is prepared for adults. However, the easiest way to ensure that kids eat just as healthy as you, is to make them eat along with you, whatever it is that you are eating. 

Kids are perhaps the best copycats in the world – and the favorite people for them to mimic are the ones they see most often, which in most cases is the family. This means that when you eat something at the dinner table, there is a high chance that they will also want to eat the same thing. However, it is important that you make sure that at every meal, you are providing the entire family with the nutrition they need, as well as the taste they will enjoy. 

Here are just some ways in which you can ensure that eating together with family is not only fun but also high on health:

  • Most people think that they need to stay away from fats, but the truth is that if you know how to choose the right fats, they can be good for you. For instance, pure cow’s ghee is really good for health, especially when consumed in appropriate quantities. You can use ghee for cooking, instead of refined oil or you can use it as a finishing touch to your meals. At Feed Smart, you can buy cultured ghee that is easy on the tummies of not only the little ones, but also the elderly. 
  • While white sugar might not be a good idea to include in your diet, you can consider natural sugars, which are actually good for you. So, when you opt for coconut sugar or jaggery, you are making the healthier choice – this way, you are letting your little ones, as well as the rest of the family satisfy their sweet tooth, without compromising on health. At Feed Smart, we use a variety of natural sweeteners, incusing dates, which allow for guilt free snacking! This means that when your little one runs to get a second Smart Bar, you really need not worry! 
  • It is important that regular meals be suitable for everyone at the table – as a busy householder, it might not be possible to prepare something different for everyone. However, if you make intelligent choices, you can create a single meal that caters to everyone – for instance, almost everyone is fond of dosas, but rather than the regular batter, why not consider the Smart Brahmi Millet Dosa Mix. With a combination of 9 powerful ingredients including superfoods like flaxseeds, these make the crispiest dosas ensuring that health and taste go together, hand in hand!
  • When you are cooking for the entire family, you need to make sure that you cook something that the entire family can enjoy together – let’s say you are making rotis and you are choosing to use our Smart Whole Wheat Millet Atta, you can make normal rotis for the family, while the little members can have interesting shapes. This way, not only will they feel that they are eating the same as the family, but still feel special! 
  • Be ready for tantrums at the table, especially when you have little ones around – once in a while, a tantrum is to be expected, but if you know how to tackle them, you have nothing to worry about. Keep handy our preservative free Healthiest Ketchup or Moringa & Amchur Spice Blend, because these can instantly add taste to the meal, without compromising on nutrition. 

In the modern world, it is important that we teach our kids, as early as possible, the importance of eating right and eating healthy. However, with time becoming a truly precious commodity, creating multiple meals might not be possible, especially when you want to ensure nutritious family meals. So, the best way out has to be the family eating together, the same food that is not only delicious, but also easy to prepare and high on nutritional value. And for all that, all you need are the products from Feed Smart, because we make eating smart and eating healthy, super easy!