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Ketchup(225g) + PPS (25g) + Moringa (25g) + Chocolita (30g) + Chocolate Jam(30g)

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  • Ketchup and chocolate — lethal combination, but our kids LOVE them. As parents we don’t want to deny them anything. So we at Feed Smart want to empower you to give your child everything and anything that they want to eat.
  • Every time you pour a brown creamy smile out of our chocolate jar of finger-licking goodness onto their pancakes, your children will embrace the taste of healthy, high-nutrient ingredients rich in protein, iron and vitamins.
  • Made from farm-fresh, red-ripe tomatoes and pure vitamin-rich jaggery, our kid-friendly ketchup sauce is an immediate fam favourite. Kids love the extra-rich taste of its naturally sweet flavour, while parents enjoy the additional nourishment it provides during snack time.
  • Mood-boosting nutrients for healthy smiles
  • 6-9 months shelf life
  • Healthy fats, protein & fiber
  • Sugar-free & Gluten Free
  • 100% clean products - no preservatives or additives
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The shelf life of our Sugar Free healthy Chocolate spread is 6 months. You can keep it ambient but if you don't open or regularly use the jar, the oil will separate which is a sign that we’ve added nothing beyond the said ingredients, especially to give it a standard creamy consistency.
Yes, after opening the packet. Since this healthy tomato ketchup has no chemicals or preservatives, it needs to be refrigerated.
We use jaggery, and it is around 4 %.
Yes, it might. Since we’ve added nothing to keep it the exact same over a long period of time, it will start to lose some hazelnut aroma after 3 months or so. It will still taste as good but you might notice a dip in smells.
1 jar of our 225g Chocolita and 1 packet of our Ketchup (225g)
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