7 Awesome benefits of A2 Cultured Ghee for a Family

Ghee is the healthiest form of fat that you can serve to your child and your family. Babies can start eating ghee at six months of age. You can procure ghee from cows, buffalos, and mixed milk sources depending on which type you prefer, however A2 Cultured Cow Ghee is the best. There is no set limit on ghee intake for babies. In general, babies under the age of 12 months can consume one teaspoon of ghee every day. This amount can then be gradually increased to two teaspoons a day.

cultured Ghee is made from highly nutritious A2 Milk

7 Awesome benefits of A2 Ghee :-

Easier to digest: Extracted through careful culturing, A2 ghee from Feed Smart is easy to digest and has a very low level of casein protein, making it the perfect superfood. Low casein allows for easier digestion and culturing removes lactose in Ghee. 
    Condensed source of energy: One tablespoon of ghee provides 112 calories. That makes it a good source of energy for growing babies.
      Healthy weight gain: Consuming ghee in controlled amounts may help with weight gain. Ghee contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) which is found in milk and meat products.
        Nutrient-dense: Consuming ghee in a diet that is rich in milk and fresh fruits could provide substantial amounts of fat-soluble vitamins, such as A, D, E, and K.
          Bone health: Ghee is rich in CLA, which is a fatty acid that can help improve your kid's bone density. Also, Ghee contains vitamin D and calcium, both of which are necessary for maintaining healthy bones.
            Cognitive development: Cow ghee contains essential nutrients such as DHA and Choline which are important for brain development. It also includes sphingolipids which help develop cognitive function in kids.
              Antimicrobial effect: A lot of alternative medicines contain cow ghee because it's rich in phospholipids, which aid digestion and create antimicrobial properties which aid in your child's growth and development.

                Feed Smart A2 Cultured Desi Cow Ghee provides you with all the essential nutrients. Its natural, sweet buttery taste is loved by everyone in the family. It helps you to ensure that you provide a healthier future for your kids from the start.

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