Multigrain Atta Health Benefits for Families

Multigrain Atta is a flour made by using a combination of grains such as wheat, ragi, oats, etc. It has its own set of qualities, including a dense nutritional content. 

Feed Smart First Atta is made with 5 high-benefit ingredients i.e. whole wheat, jowar, bajra, ragi flour, and kale, bringing forth the perfect mixture of taste and nourishment. Each of these has its own set of flavour and nutritional value which is added together to produce Feed Smart First Atta.

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Top 5 Health Benefits of Multigrain Atta:-

5X Nutrition in Every Bite

The Feed Smart Atta has more nutrition than all other attas in the market for the following reasons:

  • There is 40% whole wheat , 60% millets and 2% Kale. Most other attas are 90% wheat.
  • Our wheat is water milled, i.e. it is milled at a low temperature keeping all the natural goodness intact.
  • Kale is a super food that gives this product that extra nutritional boost.

Aids in Digestion, Improves Metabolism and Boosts Immunity

Multigrain Atta is full of dietary fibre and that has lots of positive effects on your body. It can help improve the functioning of your digestive system even if you've got a sensitive tummy. Studies have shown that a diet rich in fibre can substantially increase one's energy levels, improve their mood, and lead to an overall more active lifestyle.

Wholesome mix of Millets & Wheat 

Feed Smart Atta contains a carefully put-together combination of whole grains i.e. whole wheat, jowar, bajra, and finger millets. Every grain brings its own set of health benefits to this wholesome and nutritious mix that is :-

  • Whole wheat flour is rich in nutrients and fibre which aids digestion, and improves skin and hair health. The vitamin B and E present in whole wheat helps in energy generation and also helps maintain a healthy body.
  • Finger millet is full of dietary fibre which helps aid heart health and diabetes. Finger millet is also an excellent source of vitamin B that  play a role in everything from brain function to healthy cell division.
  • Jowar is ranked among the top 5 health grains in the world. It is a rich source of protein, controls blood sugar levels, boosts immunity, and aids digestion.
  • Bajra is full of iron and phosphorus and consists of complex carbs due to which it is absorbed slowly from our digestive tract, leading to greater satiety while ensuring a continuous flow of energy.

Irresistible Taste & Texture 

Feed Smart’s Atta rotis are better because of the diversity, richness, and texture provided by the different grains. Each component of this Atta is carefully put together to maximize both the health benefits and flavour of your multigrain rotis.

High in Protein  

Protein is an essential macronutrient for all ages that promote muscle growth and a healthy lifestyle. Multigrain atta contains more protein than normal wheat atta and tastes delicious. The inclusion of whole grains in your diet can help lower cholesterol levels since these multigrain rotis with Feed Smart have very less saturated fats.


As responsible parents, providing healthy food to our children is one of the most important roles, although it can sometimes be a struggle. We want them to eat healthy meals but often worry about what they'll taste like. These are the 5 most significant health benefits of using Feed Smart Multigrain Atta to make delicious and tempting rotis/parathas for your kids and family.

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